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  1. Thanks, copying the files directly into that folder worked perfectly! Had to enable the option to download artist images for them to appear.
  2. I have band logo images in JPG format for bands in my music library on my PC. Currently all of the images are in separate, single folder. The music library on my smartphone is using the following folder structure: SD Card \ Music \ %AlbumArtist% \ %Year% %Album% \ %Filename%.%FileExtension% Album art is located inside the '%Year% %Album%' folder as Folder.jpg and is picked up automatically by Poweramp. If I placed a copy of the artist image in SD Card \ Music \ %AlbumArtist% \ [Artist Image] would they be picked up automatically? Currently, the filename for every artist image is formatted as %AlbumArtist%.jpg. Thank you, MilezMetal
  3. I bought Poweramp for my LG V30 a couple of weeks ago and so far I'm liking the experience. Coming from an iPod Touch 4G and it's default music player that I've been using for the past seven years is a monumental step up in terms of features, customization and sound quality. However there are a couple of thing that I do miss from my iPod Touch hence this post. Can Poweramp: Display track number inside andalbum track listing? Turn of album art against individual songs in album track listing? Display year on albums? Display custom artist artwork automatically? (i.e. artist.jpg in \Music\%ALBUMARTIST%\artist.jpg) Separate within albums by disc/CD number? Display grids with square results rather than circles? Customize the text below the playback position on the currently playing screen (the one that can be swapped between output used, folder structure, audio specs etc.) Thanks, Milez
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