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  1. Oh, didn't see that, thank you!
  2. In V2 I always had activated the option to see the next-playing song right under the album information. That was really useful while paying playlists in shuffle. I would very appreciate if you could add this feature again in V3. I added a picture of the display if I you didn't understand what I meant. Except for that and the filter function in lists (other thread) V3 is a perfect Update! Great work as always! Thank you Max! Always used your app since 04/2014.
  3. +1 I used Poweramp since short after V2-release and never had any problems (only that I can't use skins on my Huawei but that's a problem of Huawei not one of Max). For me the filter option was one of the most important features: When I was listening music in a shuffle Playlist I could always search a song in the playlist and after the song it continued in the playlist, but now the filter button is gone... Please add it in V.3 again!
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