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  1. First, I want to thank you Andre. It's rare to get such rapid responses from highly knowledgeable people. I'm afraid re-tagging my entire collection is not a viable solution to this problem for me as it would take a very long time to go through and re-backup and then re-upload to various phones the affected portions of my library (re-uploading is particularly annoying as our phones don't have enough storage space to hold all of our music so I have to pick and choose what I upload to them). One of the primary reasons I chose Poweramp years ago was because it supported multiple genre tags the way my library was setup. As I see it, this could be considered a regression issue as it worked perfectly well for me for years. Is there documentation I can read on how to officially request a feature or a bug fix for this?
  2. So I would have to re-tag my entire library? Can we just have an option to set the separator string?
  3. I've been using the paid version of Poweramp for years. The new update seems to have broken the way that genres are parsed. I use the '/' separator character as that is the default used by Kodi which I use in my house. In Poweramp v2, a genre of "Alternative / Rock" would show up in both the Alternative and the Rock genres. Now it makes its own "Alternative / Rock" genre separate from the other two. Please fix this so that the genres are correctly separated again as they were before.
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