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  1. Hi; I don't want to create playlists, I need this to check the song before adding it to the selection. And finally when all unwanted songs are selected I will delete the whole selection.
  2. Hi; when 20 songs are selected if i need to check the 21st song just before adding it to the selection, how can i do that? I Don't want go back, as the result 20 songs will be unselected. The selected 20 tracks is just an example. It may be 5 or 50 songs selection. I was waiting for multi selection from years. Finally it came but no major benefit for advanced user. The worst is the seek bar removed from lists screen. Sadly going back to previous version.
  3. I knew that, but I want to play when 20+ songs are selected. If I close the multi selection options box, the 20+ selected songs will be unselected.
  4. Hi, 1st of all thank you for developing such a feature rich application. Im not sure if it is right place to share feedback, but I'm redirected here from Google Play, so here is my feedback: 1) You have removed seek bar from library lists. Please add this. It is necessary while going through huge lists quickly. 2) Also in list when multi select box is closed, the selected tracks are getting unselected. They must remain selected until they are unselected. It is not possible to play track by tapping when multi select options box is visible. Or you can add functionality to select, seek and play tracks while the box is visible. E.g. if user tapps track cover image the track should be selected/unselected, if user tapps track title it should be played, if user swipes left-right on a track it should be seek. I am still going through the various new features.
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