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  1. Thank you for your quick reply Andre. I'll try and clarify what I mean. Because I have changed in the options for a single tap to simply enqueue rather than provide me with that menu (the menu which used to be long hold as you say) I have no way of starting music without navigating to the queue. Is there a way round this whilst keeping the quick one tap queue functionality? In the previous major build I loved the versatility Poweramp provided of easy queuing for longer listening sessions, but also quick playing from a list for a one-off song.
  2. Love the new UI, looking very sleek! Could I please request a feature that was removed with major update? The ability to play a single song with the expanded options menu (ie long hold). For me, I use the queuing function as the default, but there is no way now to play a single song without queuing, going into the queue and then playing from the first song in the queue. If this is already a feature please let me know, I just can't find it since the revamp. Many thanks!
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