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  1. I've actually solved the problem. I went to the sound settings and disabled separate sound app option and it's okay now with my earbuds but not with my 1more on ears headphones. There's hardly any volume at all. The volume slider is already on it's maxed. On another note. I opened one of my video files on my phone yesterday with PA because it's one of the options presented to me to play a video. I thought why not eh. It played alright just sound and no video LoL and now everytime I open a video PA would play it and I can't find an option to use a different app to play the video. This app looks very cool but it seems very temperamental LoL
  2. I don't know what plug in are you talking about. Can you please be more detailed? Is it under the settings? Or are you saying I need to install/add another plug in? This is ridiculous LoL why is it Power amp does not work with a Bluetooth headphones LoL
  3. I did what you suggested but it's still not working but the weirdest part is that I'm able to select songs, stop playing and resume playing by using the buttons on my Bluetooth headset while listening to the music through my phone's actual speakers. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. I'm new to Poweramp version 3 and has Android 8 on my phone but every time I use my Bluetooth headphone or earbuds I can't listen to any of my music. My Bluetooth headphones only works with Google Play music.
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