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  1. Hey, I've been choosing to stay with version 2 because I wanted the skins onscreen and I previously couldn't figure out how some people were able to get them on there until I figured out that some are actually "widget skins" specifically, so being widgets they are able to be placed onscreen. The thing is I tried to buy quite a few of them and most wouldn't work and I'd have to return them after first sending the dev an email about it and repeatedly being told that since they were trying to work on skins and widgets for version 3 there would keep being issues with the ones for 2. So far though? I'm just not seeing any cool widgets pop up in the Playstore at all yet and have read through some of the comments in the section here dedicated to version 3, and you guys don't seem to be having much luck with this problem either. Sure, some devs have come up with new skins, but they sound ultra boring to me and there are no mentions of any widgets being made. I can't use version 2 forever so, my question is, does ANYONE know how much longer it will take for most of the popular devs to fix this problem?? It's already been so long and I feel like a lot don't care.
  2. Oh, so as I understand it, you can get all these awesome looking skins, but are ONLY able to even see them within the app itself and not on screen? Well, two things. First, I belong to an app that allows you to customize your entire homescreen, etc. So, being able to see the cool skins, instead of the ultra boring crap that is all the choices that pop up when I try to apply Poweramp to my homescreen is absolutely key and the whole point of even having it imo. Second, I KNOW someone who has made a couple of these themes I'm talking about with Poweramp showing the great skin on HIS screen, though he was unable to explain to me how he got it to do that. So, idk. Recently I accidentally updated to Version 3 again, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled 2. But if I don't find a way to apply the skins on the widget instead of the plain crap, I'm getting rid of it. Thanks for your response anyway. (Btw, the SOLE reason I installed Poweramp in the first place was because the main widget maker I normally use to customize things like my music apps is being discontinued and I saw the cool skins and thought it would make a great temporary replacement until I can learn how to use another one, which might take me some time)
  3. Thanks for responding and, yes, I am certain I have Poweramp version 2 as I got rid of Version 3 from the Playstore and downloaded the apk for 2 I believe from this site. And, it looks entirely different.
  4. An amendment to my first post: Two skins DO show up in my widgets section, but only one works. Out of many. Thanks.
  5. I downloaded a huge amount of free Skins for Poweramp Version2 from the Playstore, but I cannot get Poweramp to show up with any of them on my home screen, just inside the app itself and I'm losing it. Please help. Thank you
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