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  1. I think the + and - buttons idea is a good one. It would certainly be easier to use for those who are having any trouble with it. Since it would be adding buttons in blank spots, I don't see the harm.
  2. This is the missing feature that made me revert to V2. Since I almost always have my music on shuffle and it didn't work right, that made V3 unusable for me. I hope this resolves the problems and makes shuffle work like it used to be on V2. Please add this to folder mode as well, which is what I always use. Just to clarify how it works on V2 and how I think it should work on V3: In Folder View mode: If I'm at the root of my "Music" folder and choose shuffle, it should randomly shuffle all subfolders (artists, albums, songs) one song at a time. There should be no correlation between one song and the next, other than random chance. One song might be Artist X / Album C / Song 5 and the next could be Artist Z / Album A / Song 2. If I'm at the root of one of my "Artist" folders, it should randomly shuffle all subfolders, which at this point would be different albums/songs by that artist. Again, this should RANDOMLY play the tracks. It should not be based on album or anything else. If I'm in the folder for a specific album, it should shuffle only the songs in that folder/album. In all of the above examples it would be nice to have some options about what happens when all songs are finished. Maybe we could choose what it does such as stop playback, reshuffle and play again, etc.
  3. I have rarely used the rating system but for me thumbs up/thumbs down is redundant. At least the star rating could potentially be used in meaningful ways. Thumbs up = It's on my device Thumbs down = It's not on my device / delete
  4. This is the one and only time that I'll bump this but I was just hoping for an answer. Is this feature intentionally removed, not working as intended, or is there some other way to accomplish this? Can anyone in development comment on this?
  5. I see a lot of posts about how if we don't like the new change, it's our own faults because we didn't follow the forums over the past years. To be fair, most people probably have dozens of apps they love. They probably also have tons of movies, games, music, appliances, computer programs, cars, phones, etc. that they researched and purchased based on what they were at the time. I wish I had the free time to subscribe to forums for all the products I enjoy but real life gets in the way of that. Maybe I'm missing something but it seems like there would have been a fairly simple way to get more user feedback. Wouldn't it have been possible to have some large popup in the app that explained that there would be a major overhaul that would change the way the app looks and works? Surely this could have been done periodically during standard updates. I've been using the app for years and never knew that this update was happening or would be forced. I did try the new version and I could probably get used to it but a major feature seems to be broken for me as you can see here:
  6. That actually sounds like a pretty cool feature! I don't know how often I'd use it but I could see the potential.
  7. I also tried to get used to V3 despite all the major changes. I couldn't seem to get shuffle to work properly either. Lets say I'm in "Folders Hierarchy" view and I have a couple of folders. Maybe I have a folder called "80's Music" and one called "90's Music" and so on. I used to be able to click on "80's Music" and then shuffle it and it would play all the 80's songs included in all of the subfolders under that main folder. It would create a playlist of maybe 500 songs. Now when I try to do the same thing it just picks a random folder (album) and starts playing that one single folder with a track list of maybe 12. This shuffle feature was the main thing that I used Poweramp for. If that feature no longer exists then unfortunately the app is no longer suitable for my needs. I'm going to try to downgrade (or upgrade perhaps?) to V2 and hopefully things will work as intended. I'm not opposed to trying the new version but I need my basic functions to work. For such a major change I wish they would have branched off to two versions and let the users decide which one to install. Is it possible to list V2 on the Play Store alongside the new version?
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