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  1. I understand your pov, I'm coming from using apps like Spotify and iTunes where if you shuffle they still allow you to view a list of upcoming songs, which then allows you to reorganise it in case there's a song you wanna hear before others. But cheers for the help anyway.
  2. yeah, I saw that I just believe more should be available to see so that I can organize the shuffle and leave my phone to rest without having to pick up and change the song each time. Anyway appreciate the reply, I wish the app developer could see this and take it into account, however. Cheers.
  3. Hello Poweramp, I am a fairly new user of the app and am already thoroughly enjoying it. It's powerful, functional, and very organized. However I have 2 issues that I feel would make the application unparalleled. First is a quick access queue from the now playing screen. When I am within a playlist I like to shuffle that list and remain within the playlist. When I play shuffle and look at the playing screen, the only way to see what's coming next seems to be to simply change to the next song. I often don't want to change songs but I would love to see what Poweramp has queued for me
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