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  1. I understand your pov, I'm coming from using apps like Spotify and iTunes where if you shuffle they still allow you to view a list of upcoming songs, which then allows you to reorganise it in case there's a song you wanna hear before others. But cheers for the help anyway.
  2. yeah, I saw that I just believe more should be available to see so that I can organize the shuffle and leave my phone to rest without having to pick up and change the song each time. Anyway appreciate the reply, I wish the app developer could see this and take it into account, however. Cheers.
  3. Hello Poweramp, I am a fairly new user of the app and am already thoroughly enjoying it. It's powerful, functional, and very organized. However I have 2 issues that I feel would make the application unparalleled. First is a quick access queue from the now playing screen. When I am within a playlist I like to shuffle that list and remain within the playlist. When I play shuffle and look at the playing screen, the only way to see what's coming next seems to be to simply change to the next song. I often don't want to change songs but I would love to see what Poweramp has queued for me when shuffling my list. A simple upcoming queue should be implemented into the playing screen, all other music apps seem to have this. You could add it the now playing screen by dragging up on the album art for instance as that has no function the moment. Second is a small issue! I would love an option to alter the playlist thumbnails, it just makes the whole experience a lil more fun. Hope this is reviewed by the admin Cheers, friendly Poweramp user.
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