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  1. I think I solved it with the help of this post: In my case EQU and TONE options being enabled makes a huge difference in stereo speaker sound quality. Anyway, so far seems that it works.
  2. I'm not sure what should I so in this case. ? I just double checked. I press play, minimize app, browse internet etc., return to the player just to find out that it has disabled those options. No matter the preset, no matter the song...
  3. No, I haven't changed anything for a very long time. Everthing was working fine until recently. It doesn't happen all the time, but it definitely hapens when I, for example, minimize the player to work in the background and then return to it later. The only thing I can recall is that I used app named Bouncer to dismiss all permitions on my phone, but Powerapm has all the permitions - I checked.
  4. I'm experiencing a strange bug in players EQ settings. When I switch on EQU and TONE and exit back to a song I'm playing - player toggles them off instantly. I added an example photo in the attachment section.
  5. Greetings. Phone: Xiaomi Pocophone F1. I'm not quite sure which update did this but my Power amp is now showing wrong album art for all songs. The player has applied four particular album arts to almost all songs that previously didn't have album art. It is actually a really big problem since I browse my songs not by name but by visual appearance. I can't fix it. I tried to delete album art cache but that does absolutely nothing. Please see the attachment. This is one of few artworks that has been applied to almost 40% of songs. It should be noted, that all of these wrongly applied artworks were downloaded and chosen manually by me.
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