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  1. Thanks, I suspected something like this. The question is, will the .m3u files be updated with the new tracks added or will I have to add everything all over again? If not, is there any way of creating new .m3u8 files from the current playlists so I can save my playlists as they are currently?
  2. I have playlists that were made in Itunes that added to Poweramp by importing .m3u files. I have since added a lot of songs to the existing playlists, using Poweramp to add the songs. I just got a new phone and want to transfer the playlists over as they exist currently. When I use the export playlist function it says "0 playlists exported." What am I doing wrong?
  3. Pretty much, I would guess that there are a couple random characters here and there among 30k songs, but it's definitely not a regular thing.
  4. Hi, thanks for the responses. I don't quite understand them, but I'll try. I'm sorry but my knowledge is very basic. andrewilley, the content matches the files and folders. The playlists were made from my current music files, I'm not sure how they could not match. And yes, all the songs appear in the "all songs" tab in the player. maxmp, I only have two folders enabled for Poweramp to scan. One that has all the music files and another that has the m3u playlist files. None of the playlists show 0 files, just less than I originally loaded onto the playlists. The second sentence
  5. Hello everyone, new Poweramp user here. I have a bunch of playlists that are exported from Itunes as m3u files. First off, they only partially show up in Poweramp. Most playlists only display about 2/3 of the songs that I exported. Second, they are always listed as " not loaded yet." Are these 2 issues related and is there something I'm doing wrong?
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