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  1. @maxmp Just wanted to follow up on this bug - it seems like it gets caused by there being punctuation (or non-alpha character) at the front of a song title. I had a song called "#SELFIE" (please don't judge me) that appeared at the top of the Songs list and was always the song that the MiniPlayer displayed, even if I changed the track. After I changed the track name to "SELFIE" the bug seemed to fix itself, and the MiniPlayer actually displayed the correct song. After not too long though, the bug started happening again, though with a different song - "10/6 (That Should Do It)", which is now the first track that appears in the All Songs list due to alphabetical sorting. If it would help I can send you logs or can send you the song files that are causing the bug. Since it seems like it's related to non-alpha characters being the first character of a song title, that should help you reproduce it. Thank you as always for your hard work!!
  2. Jerry, removing the punctuation from the start of my songs seems to have resolved it for me as well. Nice find! #maxmp, you should be able to reproduce the bug by appending a '#' or a '(' to the front of the song name.
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