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  1. My android version is 4.4 KitKat,and my device is unsupported Hi-res output. My CPU is Spreadtrum.
  2. As the screenshot,when I listening to Hi-res music,audio sample rate is reduced.And 24-bit to 16-bit,I can't stand it. But my phone is unsupported the Hi-res output.Could someone please help me? *I'm foreigner,my Eng is NG.Some sentences were used Google translate and I'm so sorry.
  3. But I need skin XD Thanks so much
  4. I see. I have heard a Xposed framework that is backward compatible. But it's better to make money to buy a new phone. Thanks so much!
  5. Oh... It's so sad. But I hope that will come true! Thanks much! (My English is ng)
  6. Great. Android 4.4 support plz! Android 4.4 support plz!
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