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  1. I had to get the unlocker by torrent because they refused to sell it cause of my anonymity. I love this music app for Android, so I wanted to buy it. I did not want to pay via Google Poweramp play and can be purchased via an intermediate platform: payprosales. I first used my paypal account to buy. But, they first refused to validate my purchase (*), because there is not my phone number in my paypal account. Shocking first point to buy a software player audio file. Wishing to preserve my anonymity and preserve my privacy data, the solution I gave paypal. I then tried again to buy and pay by cr
  2. Hello, I purchased the Poweramp unlocker from PayPro Global site for use Paypal. After the end of process, I received this email : --- Thank you for your recent purchase of Poweramp Full Version Unlocker. Unfortunately we were not able to process your order for the following reason: Unfortunately we don't accept PayPal payments for this order. Please place a new order and select wire transfer payment method. We will fulfill the order after the funds arrived. --- Why Paypal is mentioned as a method of paiement on the Poweramp web site and it’s not valid in fact ? Except paypro, how to use paypa
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