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  1. Is there any way to set "Repeat Off" permanently rather than having to change it every time I play a folder?
  2. Unfortunately, that doesn't help much. What I'm wanting to know is how to change the repeat setting in Poweramp 2 to "none" permanently.
  3. Is there anyone to set it and forget it? It seems that I need to set this every time I play a folder.
  4. I installed Poweramp 2.0 and, when I play a folder, it automatically goes to the next folder when done. How can that be changed?
  5. That explains an issue I had. I had enqueued a couple of albums and when it was done it continued to play from the original folder. I had expected it to just stop playing.
  6. If I enqueue them, will it just play those albums and stop or will it then jump to another album and play it?
  7. How can select a few albums and have Poweramp plays JUST those albums?
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