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  1. Hey Max, just updated to a test build for the first time and it's a great update! However, I'm having an issue with the Poweramp lock screen enabled. If I turn off the screen with the power button or let the screen sleep on it's own, then use the power button to turn on the screen, the Poweramp lock screen is only visible (and usable) for about 5 seconds before it kicks me back to the standard Android lock screen. This occurs even if I'm in some menu on the Poweramp lock screen, so it makes it nearly impossible to use. Is this a legit bug or do I have some settings possibly overriding something? I'm currently on a Pixel XL with Android 9 (Pie?). I've got a lock screen with a PIN and fingerprints set up. I've also got "Modify System Settings" set to Allowed for Poweramp. Any help would be much appreciated!
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