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  1. I have a problem with Hi-res output that it can work if only i disable the DVC (if enabled, there no sound). But DVC can work properly with default OpenES output. I really love DVC because it have more powerfull loudness and bass that it suits for my ears. Without DVC, sometimes it happens a little distortion for me and that's quite disturbing. Please fix it if possible. Redmi 4 prime cusrom Aospex 6.0 Pie
  2. Just did updated to the new version (build 809) and yes hi-res output finally work again for my device. But the problem is volume become super low when i'm not disable dvc, is it normal?
  3. Ok i will downgrade it to previous build version until maybe you can fix for my device and rom to support hi-res again.
  4. After last update (b808), my device doesn't even work for hi-res output (just try wired headset option). In the previous version it's work normally. Pls fix this. Device: Redmi 4 prime cusrom Aospex 6.0 Pie
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