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  1. Over two months later, the issue still hasn't been resolved. One thing I noticed, though - if you have the home buttons visible while entering the player UI, after hiding them the black bar stays. LG G6 (H870), Android 9, kernel version 3.18.120, software version v30a-260-06 Poweramp version v3-build-842-arm64-play [842004-1a4100c]
  2. LG G6, Android 8.0.0, kernel version 3.18.71 Poweramp v3-build-838-arm64-play, full version, 64-bit When locking my screen with notification center on and home buttons undocked, after unlocking there's a visible black bar under the blurred album art background. I think there are other cases where this happens, but this one is the most easily reproduced. https://imgur.com/J9VaR8z
  3. in the 814 build, more often than not, playback randomly stops after a track, sometimes even in the middle of a song - I did not have the issue in earlier builds. it's really goddamn annoying. also, the track in the mini-player sometimes doesn't match the actual playing track, but that issue has been also mentioned by others.
  4. Amazing, thanks @andrewilley, and especially @maxmp for your astonishing work! We really appreciate everything you've done so far and hope you can keep up the great work :)
  5. Is there a way to hide the artist and album title from album library? So that all is visible is the album cover art by itself? If not, please consider it as an option - a purely aesthetic one, but would be greatly appreciated :)
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