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  1. Thanks a lot.I retryed the Google version then overwrite the installation with the forum version,it can works well.Thank you!
  2. I have checked my App Launch settings,and my rom might not be the same as yours.I don't know what went wrong.I think i can only use the version 820.
  3. Version 820 could work when it's locked,but 821 and 822 couldn't.I have checked all my settings include bettery setting and so on.
  4. I think you misunderstood what I meant.The problem only occurs in version 821.Version 820 can work when my device is locked.And i have checked the system setting.
  5. The problem only appears in version 821
  6. I have checked it several times,it didn't work
  7. Thanks for the update,but on my device there is a problem.When my device is locked the player may shutdown soon.Before this revision it wasn't that.My device is Huawei Mate10.Thanks a lot.
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