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  1. Fixed it by force downloading album art and checking option "Colorize Notification"
  2. If I uncheck it, it takes default colour which is black, thus the buttons disaapear under black theme of android. If I check it, It takes colour of album art. But if album art is missing it takes default colour which is black. So black seems the issue for me. Running android in light theme for now.
  3. Yes, it happens only when I choose black theme for android. The Poweramp buttons are also black so they just blend in. Any workaround as I want to use black theme and use Poweramp at same time? I tried ticking option which says set colour same as album art. but again this fails if there is no album art present.
  4. Pause/play and next buttons disaapear for some songs Android version 9 Poweramp version - rc build 799 play
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