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  1. I would but I am afraid I am to big of a nerd. Their is no Linux version. ? Your post prompted me to the solution though so thank you.
  2. I went hunting for a new tag editor. I had been using EasyTAG This had always seemed to serve me well in the past but I tried MusicBrainz Picard This seems to work better. In my original link to the screen shots I have added a seventh which shows the metadata showing correctly in Poweramp. Very odd that some of the tracks showed in an album and some did not. Oh well. I am happy to have a solution. Having tried other Android music players I always come back to Poweramp (paid version).
  3. Build is rc-build-799-play although this issue has existed in v3 since I upgraded. I have just not posted about it before. Phone is a Nokia 7 Plus running Android 8.1 The issue is that not all of the tracks tags appear to be read by the application. Please see images in linked folder. But all of the tags are present and correct and can be read by other music players. <removed>
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