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  1. I have added new music to my external sd card where my music is and once more Poweramp somehow f*cked it up... I'm tired of losing all my stats which I listened to cause of this annoying bug. The app I used to put the music on my sd card is AirDroid and it crashed so there were some unready music files but I deleted them instantly. I came in the app and no new title was shown. I forced Poweramp to reread and since then I got this buggy data in my last added songs and can't do anything to delete them. If I try to delete them I get an error and they reappear.

    You can see in the screenshots that the tracks are there but this buggy stuff is also there.

    I'm using version v3-build-879-arm64-play on a Galaxy S10.



  2. 3 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

    As I said, there's a third-party app called New Playlist Manager which can do this.

    PA on its own can backup any internally-created Playlists and turn them into physical .M3U8 playlist files (see Settings > Library > Playlists > Export).


    Ah okay I thought there's a chance to save recently added and my star ratings and stuff... that's more interesting. Maybe like in old times TitaniumBackup?

  3. 6 hours ago, andrewilley said:

    If PA has (for whatever reason) had to rescan all of your music collection back into its database, the songs will now appear as if they are new files in a new storage location - even though they happen to have the same names as old files which Poweramp assumed had been deleted and cleared from its memory. Anything contained within those files (tag data, embedded artwork, etc) will be restored during the rescan, but anything that was contained only in Poweramp's local database will no longer apply to what PA considers to be 'new' files. Sadly, this includes things like star ratings, most played, recently added - and possibly internal playlist entries.

    At present, PA does not write that sort of user-created data back into the metadata tags in files, although there are third-party apps such as New Playlist Manager which can do just that. This unfortunately won't help you now though, as once database information has been lost there is no way to recover it unless you had previously made a backup. 


    How to create a backup? I would really prefer to create one now...

  4. Hello. I got the bug mentioned here: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/17128-mp3-tags-not-scanned-on-new-music-on-sd-card/

    I didn't even wanted to wipe all of my data because there was much time in it applying stars to my favorite songs and stuff...

    But in the Settings -> library -> music folder nothing was selected and I was wondering. I selected the right folder of the SD-card and yea... tags and everything fixed but no favorites, no often played...

    That's horrible. Can I do something? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10 with Android 10.

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