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  1. @andrewilley even a full rescan does not fix the broken files/tracks...
  2. Just to add something: it broke my whole library. I love it. That's a really REALLY annoying issue of Poweramp...
  3. I have added new music to my external sd card where my music is and once more Poweramp somehow f*cked it up... I'm tired of losing all my stats which I listened to cause of this annoying bug. The app I used to put the music on my sd card is AirDroid and it crashed so there were some unready music files but I deleted them instantly. I came in the app and no new title was shown. I forced Poweramp to reread and since then I got this buggy data in my last added songs and can't do anything to delete them. If I try to delete them I get an error and they reappear. You can see in the screenshots
  4. Ah okay I thought there's a chance to save recently added and my star ratings and stuff... that's more interesting. Maybe like in old times TitaniumBackup?
  5. How to create a backup? I would really prefer to create one now...
  6. Hello. I got the bug mentioned here: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/17128-mp3-tags-not-scanned-on-new-music-on-sd-card/ I didn't even wanted to wipe all of my data because there was much time in it applying stars to my favorite songs and stuff... But in the Settings -> library -> music folder nothing was selected and I was wondering. I selected the right folder of the SD-card and yea... tags and everything fixed but no favorites, no often played... That's horrible. Can I do something? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10 with Android 10.
  7. Build 588 on Samsung Galaxy S9 Android 8.0 with TGP ROM and Kernel. I want to always extend the Poweramp notification because like you can see it's looking very ugly without it. How can I do it? If it's necessary I would also have it for all apps. GravityBox does not work. I've tried it already. I have root.
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