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  1. Assume I am playing a song from my current playlist. Then I stop/pause the current song and close Poweramp App. When I launch the Poweramp App the next time then at first the "Folder" View list is shown. I have to manually tap on "Library" view right of it, then on "Playlists", then on my playlist entry to get the the last playlist view position before last exit. This is tedious/unconvenient. How can I improve this handling? I want to automatically jump to the last playlist view position after PowerApp start Peter
  2. Assume I started a song from my playlist. The controls show up at the bottom. After a while I tap on the big middle control (=two vertical lines). I guess this means "pause". How do I assign a full stop meaning to the middle control? If no such re-assignment is possible: How do I stop (not just pause) a song otherwise? How do I tell Poweramp to stop blinking current time position of a paused song? This is annoying. Peter
  3. @flyingdutchman: Thank you for the answer. Now I know how the positioning icons looks like. However the Up/Down arrows do not show up by a long tap but I found a similar enabling in the upper right corner. It works An additional questions about the m3u playlists (refering No.3): How do I save a currently internal playlist as m3u playlist and how do I tell Poweramp where to find these m3u playlists?
  4. Sorry, I forgot: I am talking about Poweramp App for Android.. In App there are no "Move up/down" options after long tap. Similarly there is no icon to drag in Playlist. So the question is still unanswered
  5. Is there a way to hide the album title and song length in a playlist resp. in folder list? I only want to see artist name and song title Peter
  6. Assume I created a playlist and added 20 songs (from folder). How can I move one song inside the playlist one position up or down? Is it possible to edit a certain playlist in an external editor? Where are playlist exactly stored? Peter
  7. What are the differences between Difference Poweramp trial vs. Full version?
  8. In order to setup my individual sequence of songs I created a new, own playlist (lets call it "myplaylist"). Now I want to add 80 (already existing) songs to it. As far as I can see I can add one particular song to a playlist at a time by using the three dots menu right of each song. But having to do this for 80 somgs would be rather tedious. Is there a way to mark 80 (or lets say 60 out of 80) songs and add them all in ONE STEP to my playlist? Peter
  9. When I open Poweramp on Android then the App lists currently (only) 6 songs without scrolling. I want to see more at once. Therefore I guess I have to - disable the "CD/DVD" icon on the left - decrease song title font size - Shrink padding/free space gap above and below each songtitle. How can I achieve these three ideas?
  10. @djdarko: Hmm, in my Settings (=3 dots in upper right corner) there is NO submenu/entry "Library". How do I find it?
  11. Assume I created (outside of Poweramp) on my Android Smartphone a folder and copied some *.mp3 files there. How can I tell Poweramp App to show these songs on its entry/Start screen (resp. to show them inside Poweramp at all)? I miss a menu "add folders to Poweramp music pool" or similar. Peter
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