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  1. Hi, On the build 797 the album name, the title and the 3 dots button are displayed above the album art. Could you add a preference to display the album art without anything above it. I think you sould also add a preference to remove the sound waveform that really takes too much space for my taste. However everyhing else is really nice. Thank you and keep the good job
  2. Thank you. This new version is awesome
  3. Hi, I am using Poweramp for a very long time now. I recently got a new Nokia 8 phone, and of course I have installed Poweramp. My problem is that the widget wich display a mini picture and the previous / play / next buttons is not working. Either in the notification bar and on the default android lock screen. I can see the picture but everything on the right is almost completely white. And most of all the buttons they are not working. I can click on the widget and It brings the Poweramp main app but the previous /play / next buttons does nothing at all. I tried to change the theme and to change every options but nothing worked Can you please fix it ?