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  1. I know the dev is super busy, but I figured I might as well throw this stuff out there, since I don't care too much if it gets shot down. ? There are basically two things I really wish Poweramp v3 had: - Say I have the setting where the Library screen is the first screen enabled. If I go to the Library -> Playlists -> select a playlist -> hit a track, then tap the track viewing area, then hit Back, it always takes me back to the main Library screen instead of the playlist I had already selected. - How hard would it be to support external (e.g. Cover.jpg) files overriding the music file's internal cover art? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! I have to say, Poweramp v3 looks amazing! However, I've run into a problem with my .m3u playlists. As you can see in the first attachment, I have a playlist containing some filenames with special characters in them. However, when Poweramp imports the playlist, it only shows METEOR, the one item without special characters in the filename. The songs are all showing up in my library; they're just not inside the playlist.