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  1. I understand that the example apps aren't going to cover everything yet, but is there anything that can be done to look into DSP API in v3? A header file somewhere or similar?
  2. So I just tried in Q beta 4 again, and it's still like this... Could there at least be some way to disable Poweramp using scoped storage for now? It sucks to have to be on an older version with some particular bugs I keep running into...
  3. Haha, ouch. I mean, in practice I don't think it's *too* bad, since you can still give an app access to all storage by checking the box next to the device name (which is what I had done with Poweramp). The performance loss from it is definitely real though, I'm guessing they'll revamp the implementation for R.
  4. I just downgraded to an older, pre-scoped-storage build, and all the lengths are correct, so this is definitely something involving scoped storage. (Before I downgraded I backed up the music databases, just in case you'd need to check it.)
  5. Anything else I can add to try to find a solution? One thing maybe worth noting, I found the attached images in the logcat when I ran a scan, you can see the invalid file length there.
  6. Well, I ran a full rescan, and now the track lengths are correct in the Library screen, but every single Opus track I play has a length of 419:57:08. Also, sorry I should've mentioned this earlier, but I'm on the Android Q beta, and I don't recall this occurring prior. Maybe a copy of my folders.db could help? (This is a rooted device.)
  7. Some of my audio files seemingly randomly are ended up with a length of 419:57:08, here are some screenshots: In case it helps, here is a copy of one of the mentioned music files: https://nofile.io/f/aJwj7qtd2gV/07+-+La+Follia+d'amore.opus
  8. I know the dev is super busy, but I figured I might as well throw this stuff out there, since I don't care too much if it gets shot down. ? There are basically two things I really wish Poweramp v3 had: - Say I have the setting where the Library screen is the first screen enabled. If I go to the Library -> Playlists -> select a playlist -> hit a track, then tap the track viewing area, then hit Back, it always takes me back to the main Library screen instead of the playlist I had already selected. - How hard would it be to support external (e.g. Cover.jpg) files overriding the music file's internal cover art? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello! I have to say, Poweramp v3 looks amazing! However, I've run into a problem with my .m3u playlists. As you can see in the first attachment, I have a playlist containing some filenames with special characters in them. However, when Poweramp imports the playlist, it only shows METEOR, the one item without special characters in the filename. The songs are all showing up in my library; they're just not inside the playlist.
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