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  1. The feature to use the MusiXmatch plugin is missing in v3. The only options left are to either search for the lyrics on the web or show them via the tags.
  2. I also approve of this feature. PA V2 had it but in V3 they removed the in-built lyrics and replaced it by redirecting to a google search
  3. @andrewilley while that might be a temporarily solution like in my case, it could mess with whole folder structures for other people who can't move the folder, else other apps might need to be reconfigured. This means they would need to configure everything else tied to that folder for the sake of PA. The feature could be handy in cases of large organized folder structures in the main folder with files in it as well. Thanks for the solution anyways, I will try to implement this for my circumstance
  4. I use a folder as my Poweramp music folder which I synchronize on my network. The client creates subfolders for file versioning and other unimportant reasons. I am missing the option to select a folder but exclude subfolders. This feature might especially be useful when you want to select a folder which has files and folders in it, but only want certain folders and the files in the main music folder to be visible in Poweramp.
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