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  1. when I listen to songs and delete the recent app list (including the Poweramp) the music suddenly stops itself, this happens sometimes but not always.
  2. I hope that someday Poweramp can provide song lyrics features (like in photos) without using other applications.
  3. It looks like the song title and artist's name should be centered
  4. many complain that Poweramp v3 is ugly, complicated and hard to use, I beg developers not to remove Poweramp v2 from the play store. so later there will be a choice for those who like v3 can be installed, and for those who don't like v3 can just install v2. It seems that after I see it, many people aren't ready to receive Poweramp V3.
  5. in my opinion Poweramp v3 is good because I have been waiting for a long time to release, even though I have long joined the alpha and beta team, I think they hate Poweramp v3 because they are not used to using it. beg the developer to be patient in responding to the haters.
  6. I really like Poweramp v3 because the look is fresher and cooler, and everything works fine. if someone says Poweramp is complicated, it's because you're not used to it.
  7. why is the background color of the widget only red, black and white, why not RGB? is this a bug?
  8. Please add the running lyrics feature, and Poweramp automatically searches for the lyrics themselves from Google. * I'm sorry if my English isn't good
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