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  1. Hi, All! First of all thanks to developers for the support and further development of the program. There are several problems with Bluetooth: 1. Problems with tag sending and controlling player using bluetooth phones or car audio when Hi-Res output mode is in use. If I choose the Hi-Res audio output (for bluetooth) and start playing music using Poweramp it works only until I use another app that uses bluetooth phones. Consider I played some music using Poweramp, then I switched to Youtube and watch something. Eeverything worked fine until the next moment - then I switched back to Poweramp and both bluetooth control and tags did not work. The problem can be fixed by switching back to the standard audio output and then to the Hi-Res one. Of cause it will arise again after use of the other app that uses bluetooth headphones. 2. The "Show artist and album in track title" option (in the Bluetooth) does not work. Both bluetooth headphones and car audio show only track title in both switch positions. 3. If you switch tracks when the playing paused the track title (on the bluetooth device) does not change - it shows the last played (when standard audio output was chosen) or shows nothing (with Hi-Res audio output option). Not a big problem, but it probably is not expected behavior. The Poweramp version 796, Android 8.1 (Xiaomi Redmi Note 5).
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