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  1. I just 'reinstalled' power amp to my new android phone and the music was installed in a complete mess. I have A LOT of music and am going to have to spend a lot of time editing the entries but there is no edit options like on my old phone. I am a bit confused on why I have a trial version, but I did the install according to the power amp instructions--in case this is what is causing the problem. Where is the edit option?
  2. I just installed power amp onto my new phone and the music 'came over' in a total mess. I have A LOT of music and having to edit all of this is really not much of an option. Since I have never had to put power amp on a new phone before, if I had known all the ins and outs I would have just copied the music over separately. But there was warning or information on how the 'reinstalls' work. This really gripes me!
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