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  1. UPDATE 2.0! - Added option to hide Poweramp navbar in player - Added 4 different types of music scrolling - Added option to hide icon from launcher - New design for launcher app - Fixed FC on Lollipop devices - Much more
  2. Can you post screen? You can mix accent and background colours by going to Poweramp skin settings. You will see a lot of options with switches. Select your favourite and turn them on
  3. Absolutely yes man, that option is going to be a toogable option. In particular it will be not active by default. The user will have to active it. About the text you probably actived bold option
  4. The next update will be very awesome. In terms of skin design and in terms of code. Stay tuned
  5. Sure but some elements will be invisible ( black on black ).
  6. I have worked on a way to hide the Poweramp navbar only in player. What do you think?
  7. i will look. Poweramp is a very big app. I need time to find what can be themed and not. Max has been done a very great job.
  8. I have already tried making navbar colored. It looks very bad. It needs to follow the app background background is black and you can change accent and some part of backgrounds ( basically the most used when using Poweramp )
  9. I have his email. Are you able to check the email of that user?
  10. Thank you! Don't forget to read on the web how substratum themes work ( like uninstall overlays before updating OS )
  11. I will consider adding some options. In particular the one for coloring the text I have already tried it. It looks too much colored but maybe somebody likes it.
  12. What? About the horrible work no problem, there is who likes and who doesn't. But I didn't break work of Max. He offers a way to build skin ( like themes ) and I have done it. Next time please don't send me emails where you literally insult me.
  13. Yup. That log seems to be related with Poweramp and not to the skin itself.
  14. Please post logs as files or on some websites like hastebin! I just gave a quick look , it looks fine. I will investigate better those days. During that, try using other options and let me know if you still face the bug.
  15. I think it's a Poweramp bug. No issues here on three different devices. Please provide more informations like which phone, which OS version, which Poweramp build, a logcat .. etc thanks
  16. Actually no. But maybe I will implement something like those, in next updates! Oh, understood. I don't like a lot white UI. But who knows
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