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  1. I believe they are working on stabilization of the v3 app. But yeah really handy toggle button to checkout extensions you want Poweramp to play. Maybe they will consider doing that in next versions
  2. Poweramp/settings/library/music folders... Just select the folders you want Poweramp to scan manually...
  3. You can do it... Just exclude folders that contain movies and recorded audio files..
  4. That would take ALOT of time to create one playlist anyways. I observed that we can generate playlists in blackplayer and play those in Poweramp... So yeah. That's the solution
  5. Export your player settings and clear data of Poweramp, import setings... Thank me later? Although I'm not sure why you would want to reset enhancing experience?
  6. 1. Search. 2. Select few songs to be queued/playlisted. 3. Clear and do another search. 4. Select a few more songs... Note: The Poweramp does NOT remember what songs you selected in the step 2... I hope you guys get what I'm trying to say in here... ?
  7. I think the skins are being built as we speak and there are a couple of skins already on playstore for the newest beta, you can go check it out... I don't think there will be anymore customization that will be added to the main Poweramp app
  8. I am not sure if i am allowed to post a screenshot of other players on android in here, but i can really show you how it can be done in Blackplayer Ex... Basic search tool coupled with insane animations and Hi-Res stuff will put Poweramp on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL of a music player
  9. That way only the first song of the playlist can be searched ?. I have song collection around 3k+, it would be a helpful addition to conduct the search while selecting...
  10. It would be handy to be able to search songs while making a playlist... Or am i missing something here? Help.
  11. Manual editing tags is actually allowed by Poweramp, but not the lyrics
  12. My bad the feature is already present... Just the lyrics addition would be really really helpful... This is the MOST complete player i have seen on phones!
  13. Actually we can exclude the songs from specific songs, but what i need is an ability to sort songs by year then by sort features present in the app
  14. 1. Sorting by year would give the users new songs in their library to immediate access. Well not too mnay people like to hear shuffled or old songs. 2. Adding lyrics metadata to the mp3 file itself would be reallly awesome option to have within the player. Currently there is an option only to view lyrics.
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