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  1. Hi. I joined the forum so I could put my 2cents in. I am a fan of the 5 star system. Like others, I don't use it just as a rating system but as a custom organizer. I get what people are saying about 'if I put a song on there then I like it' but for someone like me, that's not quite right. I have a bad habit of going thru bandcamp and downloading free comps and dumping them on my phone. I need the 5 star to know exactly what the hell I am thinking with certain tracks. The stars aren't ratings per se but telling me specific things with each star. Basically, I really need the stars back. Ideally, I think it would be best to offer a choice between 5 star, thumbs up, and nothing. But I'm not a programmer so that might not be possible. Anyway, my opinion. Thanks.
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