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  1. @Maxmp Did you manage to get this resolved within Poweramp ? Ref FCC
  2. @Maxmp Did you manage to get this resolved within Poweramp ?
  3. Very much appreciate you working with (FCC) SpeedFire on this matter. Hopefully, the two of you can resolve this matter. 🙂
  4. I am in the process of getting that information in precise technical detail with the help of another professional Android APP developer. I appreciate you quick response, and will get you the information you will need to evaluate this claim, and hopefully correct the issue.
  5. Sounds like a similar issue that I just reported ??
  6. I don't know if this is already know about, or fixed ( I have the Released Pro Version), but the Developer of the Launcher I use (FCC), reports that the System Notifications from Poweramp are incorrect (conflict or something with Blackplayer). Anyway FCC developer has put a "work around" in FCC, but it would be best if the original Issue was corrected in Poweramp (if it has not already been fixed). If it has already been fixed, please can you tell me how to get the fixed version ... do I need to sign up as a Poweramp Beta tester, ?
  7. New to Poweramp, but cannot find this addressed elsewhere in forum. Typically, when using something like Goggle Assistant, when the assistant or user is talking, the audio player reduces it's playing volume for the whole duration of that interaction. This is also true for Poweramp PROVIDED that the enhanced sound processing option (sorry, don't recall it's exact name) is turned OFF. That option makes the audio sound so much better, that one typically would want it turned on. However, when it is turned on, and something like Google assistant is used, the player volume then only reduces for about 3-4 seconds, and then returns back to original volume, even when Google is talking. The only way I have found so far to prevent this, is to turn OFF the enhanced audio option, which one would normally like to be ON. So, what am I do8ing wrong ? What might I have configured incorrectly, or is this a current BUG in Poweramp ? Note. The volume reduction works fine all all the other audio players I have . ie Amazon Music, Pandora, the HeadUnits OEM default player. The problem only occurs in Poweramp, and only when Enhanced audio processing is selected. Running current Playstore release version of purchased Poweramp, on an Eonon GA2170B. (OREO) Not rooted, original Eonon ROM.
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