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  1. Jimwasted

    Tidal Streaming ???

    I wanna be able to stream Tidal through PwrAmp, mostly to use the EQ. Or just make some EQ for Tidal cause they suck for not having one. Your EQ is also the only one that ever got the job done for me also. This would be a dream come true. I'd pay for that feature in a heartbeat. Please guys make this happen!
  2. Every other app I tried seems to only cancel out other frequencies while only on the Poweramp app actually boosts them and makes my K812 sound like basshead phones if I want to. I tried like 10 other apps and none was even close Good job really!
  3. Jimwasted

    Big Problem/ Deal breaker for me

    It seems i am retarded. Thanks for the help
  4. Ever since this new update i had my music sorted by folders. I had big folders containing smaller ones, now it just shows all the folders that contain songs in them, not the big ones who contained other folders.
  5. Jimwasted

    Big Problem/ Deal breaker for me

    Ok i am sorry for the whining. Was mad cause because i wrote this after a long drive where i noticed i couldnt select my songs properly anymore and it pissed me off. I hate whining so you all have My sincere apologies. The problem I am facing is that the app will not read the folders containing just other folders and no songs, it will show each folder separately and not from within another. I cannot figure it out it seems the feature had been removed.
  6. Jimwasted

    Big Problem/ Deal breaker for me

    I didnt even want this update to be done, i would be very happy wo switch back to my beta tester version. Please help !!!!!
  7. Jimwasted

    Big Problem/ Deal breaker for me

    I sorted all my music by folders, now it will not read folders withing folders They wont appear