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  1. To be fair, those of us who are unhappy did join the beta program willingly. I agree with those who were a bit surprised - it was startling to wake up one day and all of a sudden I have no clue how to use the app AND you can't even play a playlist in shuffle mode after the app had been so stable for so long even in the beta program. I forgot I was even in the program! ? For me it was easy enough to roll back to v2. I have a few settings to redo. Biggest thing was to make sure I wouldn't lose my playlists.
  2. +1 to all of this. I can't use the version because of the inability to shuffle playlists. The huge amount of wasted space in list views is also a big problem.
  3. +1 to all of this. The new UI has some coolness to it, and with some work could be good, but it's not there. The lack of playlist shuffle is a huge loss.
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