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  1. I seem to have the same problem but with flac. Everything was fine a while ago...
  2. Hi! Yes, I read it, but didnt find what you were talking about on the first attempts. (dont know why) Thats why I told about op. systems - thought it might be different on different platforms. Found it now and everything is perfect! Thank you so much for your patience and for the great product!!! cheers, Hannes
  3. Hi! Thanks for responding! Really. I am using Poweramp on Android 6.0.1. and 8.0.0. Both used to have a hierarchical directory/folder structure. Meaning going to folders I saw the first level of folders, clicking on one folder I went one level deeper and saw the subdirectories / subfolders of that folder, etc. Now it is flat - if i go to library -> folders, i get all the folders arranged by name. No hierarchy whatsoever. That is a complete mess. Then i have that round button with three dots in it - I get list options there. If i go sort -> by path, then i get something,,, but it is stil flat (as if there were no subfolders). And it resets itself to by name every time I quit the program... The core of the problem for me (and I guess for other older school people) is that if the tag info is missing or not perfect, the only way to meaningfully sort your music is by folders. For example I have 1. level: artist -> 2. level: year - album 3. level: no. of track - song. So ideall i would like to have an option to see everything as it is arraanged on a disc... Like it used to be before a week or so ago when there seemed to be some kind of upgrade. You have an excellent product! Thank you for that! cheers, Hannes
  4. ... seriously. That was the reason I once settled for Poweramp. It would be really sad if this is gone now with the Last update...
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