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  1. can you add information for playlist total duration? thank you
  2. i have a problem, i was listening to a playlist (.m3u8), after i plug in my headset then continue the playlist. the song stop, then i got kicked from the now playing screen to library, and the now played song changed to another song. when i check my playlists, the one i listen to earlier is gone, but when i check it on file manager, the file is there. i already restart my phone, clear app cache, data, and also reinstalling the app. the playlist that was gone in Poweramp still gone.
  3. so i have this problem. whatever song i played (this time is john mayer's), on the bottom there always showing the wrong song, usually that song which is the first song in my All Songs, sometimes it's showing other wrong song, and i also can't tap it to send me to the main ui. this is the second time it's happen to me, the first time i restart my phone and it back to normal, but this time restarting didn't help. thank you
  4. About the back button if pressed go back to library, is this only for the beta release? I think it would be better if the back button it go back to previous page. It juat bother me that everytime it sent me back to the library when i want to go back to the album song list. As for everything else i really like it. And also haven't encounter any crash. Thank you very much
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