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  1. Strangest thing, the three dot setting button is showing on top of my album art. Hasn't always been there, at least I don't think. I moved the track information below the cover art and that button should be in line with it below the cover art. Anyone else experience this as a change or has it always been there? It is irritating like the track info over the cover art. Any way to move it?
  2. S9+, 8.0.0. Techno, Detroit style, is my default though i have a 400GB (!) MicroSD filled with most every genre imaginable. Will tweak over time but always appreciate advice.
  3. Thanks for the help on this. Needed to be signed in. Duh. Much better and I am on the latest update. Recommendations for audio settings?
  4. Yep, only because of the artwork. It's my OCD. I have Hi Res artwork and obsessively upgrading to 1000 x 1000 min when possible. Avoiding PNGs for file size so the JPGs work fine but I envision someday projecting these onto a large screen (tv, etc.) while it plays so blurry, obstructed artwork will drive me crazy. Lol I tried the skins but it says they've been removed. Thanks for the tip on the auto install.
  5. So are these messages going anywhere and will anything be done with the feedback? This has been dragging on since May 8 and there have been other updates since that time. I'm still on 702 and have to freakin' reinstall it as it automatically installs the latest version every time I charge it. Hate, hate, hate the black box over the cover art. It's so, as my daughter would say, 'jenky' and cheap looking.
  6. Yes, this. Exactly. Went back to 702/3 because of it. Will stay there or find an alternative suggested here.
  7. Would love to have the option for it to look something like this (keeping the other buttons available as optional should I wish to see them). Artwork matters.
  8. Who here remembers the days of vinyl? Projecting/mirroring the artwork onto a television or other screen is the digital version of this. To me it's no different than when there was a sticker stuck on the cover of your vinyl record. Certainly not the end of the world and certainly not worth fighting about but it is annoying.
  9. Noticed too that oblong sizes are getting squared up and cutting off part of the cover. Think this may have been brought up but, man, this is irritating. Hoping that because this is beta the developers are listening. The audio changes are noticeable and improved but the artwork. The horror.
  10. Old school vinyl guy. Artwork matters. Otherwise, why have it at all? Artwork 600x600 minimum embedded (OCD enough to spend hours finding it, down to a handful of albums I haven't been able to find that size). Generally jpeg for file size but maybe someday will move to PNG (had one album cover that was 30MB for a PNG which added an extra 500MB when embedded which was larger than the transpose of the music!). Envision someday projecting this onto a screen of some kind so why have crappy artwork that is missing, fuzzy or has something interfering with it. Poweramp is my player as other players (thinking of the default Google player) limited the shuffle function to 10,000 songs. This is a major minor deal, not sure anything else out there compares in functionality.
  11. Yep, went back. Artwork is not just some add-on (something lost in this digital age), it is a vital piece of the whole album and needs to be seen in full display. Why else have the hi-res option in the first place? Like some of the new features although the play button taking up 1/4 of the screen is a bit much. Like the EQ look under it though wish that was a more detailed spectral from the track playing. Willing to be patient but will not upgrade if this feature stays. Are only those who purchased given this beta version for feedback or is this what is available to everyone?
  12. The new design on top of the artwork is annoying. It really looks cheap, almost like a pop-up ad you'd see on a website. And as noted it does not scroll so long album/song names are cut off. The info on the bottom on the previous version was good. Put that info back to where it was on the bottom with scrolling or give the option where to place it. In the meantime, can we go back to V2 until this gets resolved? Tried an old apk and it wouldn't allow me to install it.
  13. Agree this is an awesome music player but i am old school and want to see the full artwork. I have hi-res images for all the albums and want it as large and as clear as possible like back in the day with vinyl. There should be nothing interfering with the artwork. And the play buttons are oversized. Can they be made smaller or have options for the size we want?
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