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  1. Yeah, you got it. ☺️ Just like the previous version. There was an option to hide rating in main player screen. But it was always available in the tag area.
  2. Like my second most favorite player, Stellio . I would love to have the option to changing navbar background color with the beautiful album art blurry background.
  3. I have updated this build 795 1 hr ago and it has crushed more than 20 times. It's not a upgrade i think. it's a downgrade ? Please get back Hidden Rating/like option (which was available in pop-up bar) and how can i go back to build 793?
  4. When new skin will available? @maxmp
  5. Adding a volume control button means more control over music. Please think about that. And I have noticed that the volume panel sometimes doesn't work properly.
  6. I have buy Poweramp upgraded to v3. But when i saw that there were no skin supporting feature i disappointed. Please add this feature.
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