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  1. How much has changed since the skinning process for V2? Will there be updated guidelines or is it generally the same process? Paging @maxmp
  2. Massive thank you to @maxmp, this beta release has been worth the wait.
  3. Don't hate me for saying this guys because I am happily patiently waiting for V3 like (most) of you, but I think it would be awesome if after V3, Max considered releasing it as an open-source project moving forward. Since he is the only dev working on it (I'm assuming thats by choice, some people just prefer to work alone) I am sure he is the kind of guy who would hate to see his "baby" forked and picked apart by various people but it would be so awesome to see an open-source version of PA that had community-based development, modifications, etc. The guys over at XDA would have a field day Heck someone might even figure out how to pipe V4A through PA so V4A doesn't downsample to 16/44kHz. Wouldn't that be amazing?!?!
  4. I bought Poweramp like 3 years ago and was super happy when I discovered the beta program and upgraded to alpha 709. I have not tried alpha 790 because it is not recommended for daily use and 709 does everything I want. I've tried pretty much every other audio player including jetaudio, neutron, etc. and Poweramp has the best UI for me I can't think of any features that Poweramp absolutely needs so I am happy to patiently wait for V3 because there's no bugs in Poweramp that need serious fixing (atleast from my perspective) so its not like Im waiting for something broken to be fixed, Im waiting for something awesome to possibly be made awesomer and I will happily wait for that. I hope Max releases it sooner than later but its his schedule and when he feels the product is "right" :) There are far too many products (video games, hardware, etc) that were released early because of pressure from consumers who wanted it RIGHT NOW!!! and then they complained that it was full of bugs. Well I want Poweramp V3 RIGHT NOW!!! but I also want it to be perfect and stable and Max will release it when he feels that it is :)
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