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  1. Sorry for bumping an old thread but that's the first one I found on the issue. Android tells me that the unlocker is around 41mb. I tried reinstalling it but it still weights the same high value even though the download was only 127kB. I don't get what's going on. Right now it says: App: 31,33MB User data: 16,38kB Cache: 77,82kB Total: 41,43MB
  2. I received a new update that fixed it Thank you Max!
  3. I installed swiftkey just to check with another keyboard, but the problem is still there, I already uninstalled it
  4. Tried messing around in gboard settings with no luck and since I can replicate the issue with Swiftkey I'm assuming it's not related to the keyboard
  5. It should also be noted that I factory reset my phone less than a week ago but it still doesn't work correctly, will try messing around with google keyboard settings
  6. It's google keyboard, I'll try to make a video to show it EDIT: here's a link https://streamable.com/gphr6 Merry Christmas by the way, thank you for this beautiful app
  7. Been 2 months and I'm still waiting for a fix Is it really that hard to fix? I don't think so It really ruins my user experience
  8. I got Poweramp v3 Build 812 but still no sign of a fix
  9. I can't be the only one facing this issue, right? ?
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