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  1. My 128 GB SD card is formatted as adopted storage. According to app info, it is installed in the SD card. Moving it to internal storage did the trick! I didn't know apps on external storage didn't support widgets until now. That kinda sucks. Oh well. Thank you very much for your advice, however!
  2. Just so everyone knows, I'm now on v3-build-816-play (Full Version) and I'm now on the Jan. 14, 2019 build of LineageOS 15.1. I uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp again and I still don't have widgets. Also, and I apologize for not stating this in my original post, I am using the free version of Nova Launcher (latest version, 5.5.4). I also used to have the old widget pack for v2 installed until Google Play updated Poweramp to v3, then I decided to remove it because I thought I didn't need it anymore. Now when I try to install the old widget pack, the widgets don't wor
  3. I reinstalled the Widget Pack and the widget won't work. Buttons don't do anything and album art doesn't show (just the Poweramp logo instead). The app itself seems to work fine, though. The notification bar controls are back, too.
  4. THIS HAS BEEN FIXED, SEE MY LAST POST I was first excited to hear that Poweramp finally got updated to v3 after such a long wait. However, I discovered that I still needed to use Notification Helper to display the notification controls bar. But I also discovered that I had another set of widgets alongside the ones from the Widget Pack (or so I thought). I uninstalled Notification Helper and the Widget Pack and then uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp. The reinstall brought back the regular notification controller, negating the need for Notification Helper. However, I don't have my
  5. UPDATE: After some more testing and experimentation, I have discovered that my files are actually getting corrupted as soon as I copy them to my phone, but I just didn't know it until I played the files. I just copied an entire FLAC album to my SD card using the USB connection from my phone to my Win10 laptop. I then copied the entire album back and tested it and a couple of songs were messed up. Re-copying only the affected songs to the phone's SD card seemed to fix the issue. In conclusion, this could be an issue with Win10 copying stuff to Android phones through USB. I still a l
  6. I can't find my LOST.DIR folder. Is it because I formatted it as non-portable internal storage?
  7. Poweramp version: 2.0.10-build-588-play (Full Version) Device model: Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900P) Android version: Oreo (8.1.0) ROM: LineageOS (version 15.1-20180723-NIGHTLY-kltedv) I noticed that after a while, some FLAC files on my phone start getting corrupted. I could tell because it would start always skipping at at the same exact point in a song. I confirmed that the files were corrupted when I copied them back on my computer and did the "flac -t *.flac" command using the flac.exe command-line tool. Maybe it's a bad microSD card (I'm using a genuine SanDisk E
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