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  1. Update: For everybody who´s facing the same problem: I helped myself by using an old version of the yahoo app (V2). Now everything works just fine (seems like it can be removed after verification of Poweramp).
  2. Okay, thanks very much for your answer.<3
  3. Hello! It doesn´t seem to be possible to activate the Poweramp license with my yahoo account. I already saw, that one other user had the exact same problem here in the forums. The issue is, that Poweramp keeps telling me that the mail account can´t be found on my phone. Although I got my yahoo account registered under "accounts" and I do have the yahoo app installed. I already wrote to the support but they keep sending me links to the troubleshooting faq on the website. I already know all of that and I followed all the steps VERY closely. Everything was done exactly how it should be done. But the error message still exists. Poweramp also has all the permissions needed (basically I gave it all permissions there are). Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot and have a nice day everybody, Julez
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