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  1. 13 hours ago, maxmp said:

    For Pie, at this moment it either no hires, but dvc (normal outputs) or hi-res and less equalization (or lower volume via preamp to allow more headroom for equalization).

    If you want more basses I would suggest using normal outputs as you just waste battery on high res output, but you equalize audio a lot anyway.

    I am not a bass fanatic. But i would like to feel if the high res output is too different. I felt the bass issue the most in a few Aphex Twin tracks. Specially xtal. The bass level seems fine. Just seems a bit muffled. As if it were a bit mono. 

    Using normal output till there is a solution to it...(?) 

  2. My phone is Nokia 7plus.

    Seems like it has high res. And it does play when I switch for headphones. But high res sounds muffled in a way. Like if I play a bass heavy track, the bass tries isn't open sounding somehow like it should sound (as in the default output). Am I missing any settings? Or do I need wav files only to play the high res correctly? 


  3. As a designer myself, I really like this design change in v3 and I feel it is aesthetically great. Gives the player a more natural organic feel rather than just another music player app. 

    Doesn't even have to follow rounded corners theme. Maybe if the album art doesn't have rounded corners, it could look better. 

    But if people dislike it, maybe give an option to show it somewhere else. 

  4. 1 hour ago, djdarko said:

    How often is it resetting? Does it do it while music is still playing? Idle? Or when restarting your device?

    It does it while music playes or idle. It's doing it randomly. Not related to play or pause too. 

    Previously it would show the details all the time. Even if I've had the app not running in the background. 

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