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  1. Functional requirements: I hope to support lyric scroll display and lock screen lyrics display Hello, max, I am a user of the miui Chinese version. Most Chinese users are accustomed to watching the lyrics while listening to music, and also have the habit of watching music lock screens with lyrics. There is Android native music media control in miui, qq music of China Tencent Group and miui music of Xiaomi Group support this feature, hope to support as early as possible BY Google Translator. —————————————————— 功能需求:希望能支持歌词滚动展示和锁屏歌词展示 你好,max,我是miui中国版的用户。中国用户大多习惯于边听音乐边看歌词,也有看带歌词的音乐锁屏的习惯。 在miui中有着安卓原生音乐媒体控件,中国腾讯集团旗下的qq音乐和小米集团的miui音乐就支持这一特性,望能尽早支持 谢谢!
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