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  1. Please fix this issue thanks, when i actvate tempo the sound starts breaking. I.e the sound quality gets worse.
  2. Please how do I turn on the option to see next 3 tracks on my notification bar?
  3. I can't find musicfx control on mine, how can I activate it?
  4. Sound still distorted when tone is applied,please try and fix on next update thanks. And also I'm in Nigeria a friend of mine is trying to purchase the app from playstore but its not working
  5. The sound quality was the standout of this app from other music players apps on playstore but this update ruined it, the UI is dope but the sound quality is poor especially when tone & equalizers are applied please fix thanks.
  6. I'm facing the same problem on my Infinix note 4 please fix
  7. Finally, real improvement from the last version.... Though when tempo is increased it kinda affects the sound please fix thanks
  8. My friends have been unable to purchase the app from playstore with Nigerian debit card please help
  9. I'm facing same issue on Oreo Infinix device note 4 to be precise power arm stops after 1mins of play back when ever my screen is asleep I've put the app on optimizing white list still the same thing.... Orea doesn't recognize power arm v2 as music player, though v3 is recognized as music player but still crashes after 1min of playback. Please fix because I love this app so much
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