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  1. It would be great if there were some way that PA could add the ratings and EQ settings to the tags... Or, a system type file on the SD card that it could look to... It's extremely annoying to find that your hours and ours of listeninh and rating and custom EQ settings have all vanished... I have THOUSANDS of songs... The other odd thing that makes no sense to me is, before I used this card for Power Amp in my Car, I used it on my phone... I put it in my Car, and all my ratings moved with it... I was like, "cool"! Then a few days I pulled it to put more music on it, and everything
  2. Every time I pull my SD card from my car stereo (android radio) to add music to it, I loose my ratings and EQ asignments to songs/artists/albums... Why does this do this, and how can assure that the ratings stick. Is there something I am doing wrong. It seams hardly worth rating my music, if every time I add music it's gone...
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