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  1. Noted and Thanks! Btw how about the Bluetooth device controlling issue? Read my post few above? It was fine on the Play Store version...?
  2. Makes super sense though! Remove the close button and put the prev. button instead. More useful imo. Hope max really consider about this in the future. Thanks dude for the heads up! and now.. I'm trying to fix the bluetooth connect issue. Can't control the song on the bluetooth device. Need to use and control through phone urgh... Works fine before ...
  3. Dang it. Didn't even thought about it. But why it should be that way? I have to expand notification every time I want to prev a song? It was very nicely done spacing when using the "Temporary notification fix helper". Or it's intended that way though. ? @andrewilley
  4. Didn't noticed that! Yeah it fixed! Thanks! But I have 1 problem with the track buttons while on the Lockscreen. The Prev. Song button is gone lol. I mean like there's nothing i can press there. Any idea? Or known bug? @Andre
  5. Sorry. Didn't get your explanation. You mean follow your settings or? Here's my settings by default. Never touch anything before this. Should I change something here and there?
  6. Hello guys. Using the latest alpha 709 version on my 6P, 8.1.0. I have two problems. 1. Regarding the status bar notification is not working. The only fix for now is this? " https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/11033-quick-fix-for-notification-on-android-oreo-81-v140/ " 2. Recently after using the alpha version. I can't longer control tracks when connected to my car bluetooth. It just do nothing pressing the next/prev tracks. I have to manually change songs through the phone. It was very fine before this with the official play Store version. Kinda annoying. Any idea? You reply much appreciated.
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