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  1. None of those three things are enabled, nor is the app installed. However, following your train of thought as I went through the phone, the following sound-related things are on my phone: SmartThings Audio Output selector notification (see screenshot) – it’s not something I utilize and I think it’s built-into Samsung’s customized Android OS Adapt Sound is enabled for Media and calls with the “30 to 60 years old” setting selected Jabra’s Sound+ app is installed but not running to my knowledge – it came with some Jabra earbuds SoundHound is installed but not running – handy to identify songs I’m happy to turn any of there off or uninstall any of the apps you think might be involved.
  2. @maxmp, I did some additional troubleshooting. In order to start with a clean slate, I unpaired all BT devices, exported Poweramp settings except presets, uninstalled Poweramp, reinstalled and imported settings, and recreated several presets. It looks to me like there several things going on: Poweramp is consistently confused by two of my Google Home devices. One is a Google Home and the other is a JBL Link 300, which is a Google Home-like device with better sound. Almost without exception, Poweramp loads the wrong preset for these devices. Neither closing the app nor disconnecting and reconnecting BT helps. Rebooting the phone doesn't help either. For other devices, Poweramp sometimes selects a preset for the wrong device. Closing the app and restarting it seems to fix it. Poweramp often shows a BT device twice with one of them selected in the preset list of devices connected in the EQ Save window (see screenshot). Now that I have a better understanding of these issues, I can work around them most of the time, but I’d appreciate it if they could be addressed in future releases of Poweramp.
  3. Any concerns with my device names? I guess the next thing to try would be to clear all my paired devices and repair then again. Again, suggestions to pin down the issue are welcome.
  4. @maxmp, does Poweramp use the bluetooth device MAC address to associate with a preset, or some other attribute? After wiping data and restoring settings without presets, I ran into the same issue after saving new presets for only a few devices. The process I'm following is: Connect to a bluetooth device Change the equalizer settings In Poweramp, tap Save to open the preset dialog, make sure the right device is selected, give it a name, and select Add Disconnect the device Repeat the steps above for a few more devices, disconnecting and connecting each time, never connecting to more than one at a time Reconnect to a previously saved device and see if the equalizer preset I saved is restored. Sometimes it is and sometimes it is some other device's preset I have no idea what's causing this since the steps are pretty simple. I'd be happy to try whatever troubleshooting steps are suggested.
  5. For the last few months, I've been having all sorts of problems with Poweramp's equalizer settings and their association with specific devices. My recollection is that this worked reliably a while back. I'm currently running build 925 of Poweramp on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra running Android 12. The problems have been: I connect to a device and the preset for the wrong device is used by Poweramp When I try to correct a preset by saving it under the correct name and select the correct device, it saves and then reverts to the wrong device Multiple devices of the same name appear under the bluetooth list of devices in the save window (should I select one or both?) Basically, the equalizer presets I've saved for a half dozen bluetooth devices has become a confusing mess and the eq settings are often wrong. I've been going through forum posts here and haven't found anything that has helped. I've done a Restore Defaults in Settings > Audio > Equalizer, a Restore Equalizer Presets, and a Reset in the equalizer windows (long and short press). I always have the autosave for presets turned on (Save button is black). I've also exported my settings, wiped Poweramp data, imported all settings except presets, and after redoing several device presets, ran into the same problem again. At this point, I still don't know if I'm using the presets wrong or if there's a bug I'm running into somehow. It's almost like Poweramp can't distinguish between several of my bluetooth devices. During my troubleshooting, I'm careful to disconnect from a device and then connect to a different one. Can anyone offer some other suggestions for how to fix this? Log file sent to developer moments ago.
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